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Jeltkov at the 2003 Worlds
Photo by Grace Chiu
The 2004 DTB Cup wrapped up today in Stuttgart, Germany. Competing for Canada was Alexander Jeltkov (high bar) and Brandon O'Neill (floor exercise). In the final event of the day, Jeltkov scored a 9.737 to first place finisher (and home crowd favourite) Fabian Hambüchen's 9.787. As the top two scoring competitors, both immediately advanced to the head-to-head winner's final where Jeltkov faltered (missed hands on layout Kovacs), scoring a 7.825 to Hambüchen's 9.025. Jeltkov took home silver, and Hambüchen top honours.

Jeltkov has experienced much success competing high bar on the world stage. Prior to today, Jeltkov's most recent success in world competition came at the 2003 Glasgow Grand Prix, where he won gold on the same apparatus. In 1999 Jeltkov won silver on the apparatus at the World Championships. 

Earlier today O'Neill placed fourth on the floor exercise, scoring 9.575. The event was won by Germany's Fabian Hambüchen. Ioan Suciu (ROM) took silver, with Tunisia's Wajdi Bouallegue placing third.

O'Neill qualified to the floor final in third place, posting a 9.450 in the preliminary round. O'Neill also attempted qualification for the vault final; Friday he placed 8th on that apparatus, scoring a 9.137. This year only the top 6 advanced to finals.

Next up for O'Neill is the World Cup final in Birmingham, England later this month. He enters the event as the reigning Pan American Games floor gold medallist.

High Bar Winner's Final
1. Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.025
2. Alexander Jeltkov CAN 7.825

High Bar Final
Q. Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.787
Q. Alexander Jeltkov CAN 9.737
3. Kensuke Murata JPN 9.737
4. Jani Tanskanen FIN 9.637
5. Takuya Nakase JPN 9.575
6. Aljaz Pegan SLO 9.375
7. Philippe Rizzo AUS 8.525

High Bar Qualifications
1. Aljaz Pegan SLO 9.650
2. Philippe Rizzo AUS 9.600
3. Takuya Nakase JPN 9.600
4. Jani Tanskanen FIN 9.575
5. Alexander Jeltkov CAN 9.575
6. Kensuke Murata JPN 9.550
7. Yann Cucherat FRA 9.500
8. Valery Goncharov UKR 9.500
9. Matthias Fahrig GER 9.450
10. Christoph Schärer SUI 9.425
11. Jari Mönkkönen FIN 9.400
12. Samuel Piasecky SVK 9.300
13. Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.150
14. Martin Konecny CZE 9.025
15. Marius Urzica ROM 9.000
16. Stepan Gorbachov KAZ 9.000
17. Alexander Kruzhylov BLR 8.975
18. Alexander Artemev USA 8.950
19. Niki Böschenstein SUI 8.800
20. Thomas Christensen DEN 8.750
21. Marco Baldauf AUT 8.700
22. Dmitry Savitsky BLR 8.450
23. Epke Zonderland NED 8.450
24. Andrei Lipsky BUL 8.100
25. Yernar Yerimbetov KAZ 7.050

Men's Floor Exercise Winner's Final
1. Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.537
2. Razvan Selariu ROM 9.537

Men's Floor Exercise Final
Q. Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.625
Q. Razvan Selariu ROM 9.625
3. Wajdi Bouallegue TUN 9.600
4. Brandon O'Neill CAN 9.575
5. Ioan Suciu ROM 9.525
6. David Vyoral CZE 9.475

Men's Floor Exercise Qualifications
1. Ioan Suciu ROM 9.650
2. Razvan Selariu ROM 9.550
3. Brandon O'Neill CAN 9.450
4. David Vyoral CZE 9.425
5. Fabian Hambüchen GER 9.375
6. Wajdi Bouallegue TUN 9.350
7. Alexander Kruzhylov BLR 9.325
8. Jeffrey Wammes NED 9.325
9. Martin Konecny CZE 9.275
10. Filip Ude CRO 9.225
11. Andrei Lipsky BUL 9.175
12. Yuki Yoshimura JPN 9.150
13. Robert Gal HUN 9.125
14. Günther Couckhuyt BEL 9.100
15. Dmitry Savitsky BLR 9.050
16. Samuel Piasecky SVK 8.975
17. Yernar Yerimbetov KAZ 8.900
18. Alexander Benko SVK 8.775
19. Jimmy Boström SWE 8.700
20. Sascha Palgen LUX 8.550
21. Matthias Fahrig GER 8.525
22. Takuya Nakase JPN 8.350
23. Thomas Christensen DEN 8.300
24. Marco Mayer AUT 8.275
25. Niki Böschenstein SUI 8.200
26. Stepan Gorbachov KAZ 7.725

Men's Vault Qualifications
1. Matthias Fahrig GER 9.512
2. Razvan Selariu ROM 9.450
3. Yernar Yerimbetov KAZ 9.412
4. Leszek Blanik POL 9.337
5. Martin Konecny CZE 9.300
6. Takuya Nakase JPN 9.200
7. Jeffrey Wammes NED 9.162
8. Brandon O'Neill CAN 9.137
9. Yevgeny Sapronenko LAT 9.112
10. Robert Gal HUN 9.112
11. Niki Böschenstein SUI 9.050
12. Marco Mayer AUT 9.012
13. Filip Ude CRO 8.812
14. Sascha Palgen LUX 8.450
15. David Vyoral CZE 0.000


Bernholtz vaults to bronze at Massilia
(Pictured here at Massilia on FX)
Photos/Sandy Kost-Sterner
A very busy week-end for Canadian gymnastics concluded today with more impressive results. As the Massilia Cup in France drew to a close, Olympic team alternate Marci Bernholtz took a bronze medal in the vault event finals, scoring an 8.85 to finish behind Maria Kriouchkova of Russia who scored 8.918 to take gold. Ukraine’s all-around winner Maryna Proskurina taking silver with an 8.925 average. Bernholtz’s medal was even more impressive considering that illness (flu) had almost taken her out of the competition entirely. 

Canada was well represented in today’s other apparatus finals, with Alyssa Brown finishing fourth on the vault and sixth on bars, finishing just behind Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs in the latter. Hopfner-Hibbs also finished seventh on balance beam, where Olivia Davis finished eighth. On floor exercise, Gael Mackie and Caya Colling finished seventh and eighth respectively.

In other news, men’s national champion Grant Golding competed today at the Swiss Cup mixed pairs event in Zurich, Switzerland. Golding, the only Canadian entry, was paired with Jana Sikulova of the Czech Republic, and the duo advanced to the third round before being eliminated. In the first round, Golding contributed a 9.05 score on floor exercise, while Sikulova earned 8.80 on the vault, ranking them eighth and allowing them to compete in round two. In the second round, Golding scored 9.40 on rings and his partner an 8.85 on the uneven bars, maintaining their eighth place ranking and sending them to round three. From there, only the top four pairs advanced to the finals, and after scoring 9.15 on parallel bars and 8.45 on the balance beam respectively, they ranked sixth with a total of 53.70. 

The Swiss competition was won by Olympic balance beam and floor exercise champion Catalina Ponor of Romania and her teammate, former Olympic pommel horse champion Marius Urzica who scored a 19.45 in the new life final round to outscore the Romanian/Swiss duo of Monica Rosu and Andreas Schweizer who scored 19.138. Finishing third was the German team of Lisa Bruggeman and Sven Kwiatkowski who scored 18.488 to finish ahead of Ukrainians Irina Yarotska and Olympic parallel bars champion Valery Grancharov who scored 18.30.


Team Canada 1 takes bronze
Photos/Sandy Kost-Sterner
Team Canada 1 took home team bronze earlier today at the Massilia Cup in Marseilles, France. Olympian Gael Mackie of Omega, Olympic alternate Marci Bernholtz, and former junior national champion Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs combined to score a 68.825 to take bronze behind China and Ukraine, who scored 70.95 and 70.875 respectively. Team Canada 2, who had qualified for today’s final following victory in a preliminary event last night (see previous news flash), finished seventh with a score of 66.05.

Individual all-around medals were also awarded today, with Ukraine’s Maryna Proskurina, a 2003 world team member, taking first place with a 35.325 score, followed by two Chinese gymnasts, Kang Xin, a 2003 world team member, and Olympian Wang Tiantian who scored 35.20 and 34.40 respectively. For Canada, Mackie ranked eighth, Hopfner-Hibbs ninth, and Bernholtz 12th. Members of Canada 2 also fared well, with Mississauga’s Alyssa Brown finishing just behind Bernholtz in 13th, and her club mate Olivia Davis 18th, and Bernholtz’s clubmate Caya Colling 23rd.

Canada will be well represented in tomorrow’s apparatus finals, with Brown and Bernholtz competing in the vault, Brown and Hopfner-Hibbs on uneven bars, Hopfner-Hibbs and Davis on balance beam, and Mackie and Colling on floor exercise.

Full results should eventually be available at the Massilia Gym Cup web site.


Alyssa Brown, Oliva Davis, and Caya Colling 
win Open Massilia
Three Canadian teams are currently participating in the prestigious Massilia Gym Cup in Marseilles, France. Last night, team Canada 2 – led by junior national team member Alyssa Brown qualified for today’s team final with a victory in the open competition. Brown, joined by Gymnastics Mississauga clubmate Olivia Davis (a youth national team member representing Canada for the first time) and Caya Colling, a junior national team member who earlier this year represented Canada internationally in Luxembourg, scored a 66.925 to earn first place in qualifying. They finished ahead of Germany who scored 65.55 to finish second, and Belgium whose 65.075 left them in third.

Individually, Brown took the highest scores in both the all-around competition and the vault. Colling finished fifth all-around, and Davis 16th. Also competing for Canada yesterday were junior national team members Nansy Damianova of Gymnix (11th all-around) and Calgary’s Jordan Harvie, who, based on the results sheet, did not compete on floor exercise due to injury (Harvie also sat out floor exercise at the recent Tour Selection meet, which had served as a final team preparation for the Massilia Cup). As a result, team Canada 3 finished 14th, scoring 55.15.

Team Canada 2 will join Canada 1 in today’s team final. Canada 1 earned a direct position into the finals based on its world ranking. Competing for Canada 1 are Olympian Gael Mackie of Omega, Olympic alternate Marci Bernholtz of ASF, and 2003 junior national champion Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs of Sport Seneca. Look for results from today’s competition as soon as they are available. Results from last night’s qualifying can be found at the official Massilia Cup website.


Yesterday, Calgary's Grant Golding participated in the Arthur Gander Memorial. An all-around competition in which MAG competitors compete on their choice of four apparatus, and WAG competitors on three, Golding rallied from an early falter (8.550) on floor exercise, posting a 9.300 on pommels, 8.700 on rings, and 9.500 on the parallel bars. 

Golding was Canada's lone entrant at the event, and tied for an 8th place finish. Winner was China's Li Dezhi (37.825), with Romania's Marius Urzica (37.650) posting second. Local Swiss competitor Niki Boschenstein (37.400) thrilled the home crowd by taking bronze.

1. Dezhi LI (CHN) 37.825
2. Marius Urzica (ROM) 37.65
3. Niki Boschenstein (SUI) 37.4
4. Jordan Jovtchev (BUL) 37.1
5. Rafael Martinez (ESP) 36.6
6. Sven Kwiatkowski (GER) 36.4
7. Enrico Pozzo (ITA) 36.2
8(t). Andreas Schweizer (SUI) 36.05
8(t). Grant Golding (CAN) 36.05
10. Valeri Goncharov (UKR) 34.55

2004 Olympians Kylie Stone and Heather Purnell


Three months ago to the day, the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad opened in Athens, Greece. Canadian gymnasts fared well at the Games, with national attention focused on medals earned by Kyle Shewfelt (gold on men's floor exercise) and Karen Cockburn (silver in women's trampoline). 

Canada's women's artistic gymnastics team placed tenth in Athens, and qualified two women to the all-around (Kate Richardson, Melanie Banville). Richardson also advanced to the floor final, becoming the first Canadian to advance to a WAG final in a fully attended Olympics.

Join Gymn.ca in re-living Athens, by enjoying a sampling of photos from the personal collection of Olympian Heather Purnell. Purnell is currently training for Elite Canada, and next fall will attend Stanford on a full scholarship.


Simbhudas, 2003 Elite Canada

The 2004 Šiška International wrapped up today, with event finals contested. Canada's Rebecca Simbhudas built on her third place tie in yesterday's all-around finish with a silver today on bars. Winner was China's Guo Li (8.925), who yesterday also won the all-around competition. Italy's Francesca Benolli grabbed third, with an 8.70 score.

Simbhudas also competed on the balance beam, finishing in fourth with a 8.725. Hang Bin (CHN) took top marks on the apparatus, scoring 8.950. Yesterday Hang finished second in the all-around. The Romanians rallied from disappointing all-around performances yesterday, to place 2-3 on beam today. Sandra Izbasa, a member of Romania's Junior European Championships team, placed second (8.85). Teammate Rodica Marinescu finished third, with an 8.760. The pair also medalled on floor, and Izbasa on vault.

Guo Li (CHN) 8.894
Francesca Benolli (ITA) 8.876
Sandra Izbasa (ROM) 8.788
Alenka Dolnicar (SLO) 8.500
Lynn Moonen (BEL) 8.419
Adela Pavoukova (CZE) 8.307
Gaelle Mys (BEL) 8.119
Lauren Beck (GBR) 7.294
Uneven Bars:
Guo Li (CHN) 8.925
Rebecca Simbhudas (CAN) 8.775
Francesca Benolli (ITA) 8.70
Hang Bin (CHN) 8.680
Lynn Moonen (BEL) 8.462
Rodica Marinescu (ROM) 8.06
An Perdieus (BEL) 7.78
Tünde Pentek (HUN) 7.465

Balance Beam:
Hang Bin (CHN) 8.950
Sandra Izbasa (ROM) 8.85
Rodica Marinescu (ROM) 8.760
Rebecca Simbhudas (CAN) 8.725
Gaelle Mys (BEL) 8.375
Francesca Benolli (ITA) 8.125
Lynn Moonen (BEL) 7.73
Guo Li (CHN) 7.667
Ajda Pavlovic (SLO) 7.350

Floor Exercise:
Sandra Izbasa (ROM) 9.125
Federica Macri (ITA) 9.088
Rodica Marinescu (ROM) 9.025
Gaelle Mys (BEL) 8.525
Francesca Benolli (ITA) 8.438
Hang Bin (CHN) 8.40
Guo Li (CHN) 8.375
Tjasa Asanin Gole (SLO) 7.512

Quick hits are available at the Šiška 2004 web site.


Gael Mackie, 2003 Elite Canada

It is a busy weekend for the Canadian women’s team, with competitions taking place at the Šiška Cup international in Slovenia as well as the final world cup qualifying competition in Ghent, Belgium. 

At Šiška, Canada was represented by junior national team members Rebecca Simbhudas of Pulsar’s and Seneca’s Nicole Heikkila. Simbhudas, who has already represented Canada internationally this year at the junior Pacific Alliance and junior Pan Am Games, earned her best international result to date, tying for the bronze medal with a score of 34.175. This equaled the score of Italy’s Francesca Benolli. The Chinese took the top two placings, with Guo Li scoring a 36.40 points for first, followed by Hang Bin with a 34.20.

According to reports on the Šiška 2004 competition site, Simbhudas performed well on three events, including a Yurchenko layout on vault, a stalder 1½ to Jaeger on bars, and a gainer double twist off beam – but missed a double pike last line on floor to finish a close third. Heikkila was less fortunate, struggling on the uneven bars (after two falls she did not perform a dismount) and balance beam, to finish out of the top 10. (Her AA score and ranking are not known at this time).

In Ghent, Olympian Gael Mackie of Omega competed in the uneven bars finals today, scoring an 8.8 to finish sixth – an improvement from her 8.75 qualifying score, but which qualified her in fourth position. The uneven bars final was won by Olympic finalist Li Ya of China who scored a strong 9.712, followed by Melanie Sinclair of the US who scored 9.65. Brazil’s Daniele Hypolito took bronze with a 9.30.

Mackie also competed in the qualification round on the balance beam, where her 8.625 score left her in 11th place, and in the floor exercise, where she scored a 9.025 to finish seventh. Unlike most world cup qualifying events, only the top six advanced to finals.

"To make a final here is beyond my expectations," Mackie later told Gymnastics Canada. "I was feeling quite nervous but overall I did some good routines. On bars I was most pleased that I stuck my landing."

Full results from Ghent can be found here.

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