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Breanne King

Breanne's Competitive Results
1997 Canadian Championships, Novice: 1st AA
1997 Elite Canada, Junior: 3rd AA
1998 Canadian Championships, Junior: 2nd AA, 2nd UB, 1st BB
1998 Junior Pan Am Championships: 20th AA
1998 Elite Canada, Junior: 1st AA, 4th V, 2nd UB, 1st BB, 7th FX
1999 Canada Games: 1st AA
1999 Gymnix International, Junior: 1st AA, 2nd UB, 1st BB, 2nd FX 1999 Canadian Championships, Junior: 1st AA
1999 Japan Junior International: 16th AA, 8th FX
1999 Elite Canada, Senior: 1st AA, 3rd BB, 1st FX
2000 Gymnix International, Senior: 6th Team, 10th AA
2000 CAN/FRA/GBR/GER: 3rd Team
2000 Canadian Championships, Senior: 13th AA
2000 Elite Canada, Senior: 6th AA
2001 WOGA Classic: 4th AA
2001 Canadian Championships, Senior: 11th AA, 8th UB
2001 World Team Trials: 7th AA
2001 Elite Canada, Senior: 13th AA, 7th FX
2002 Elite Canada, Senior: 7th AA
2003 Gymnix International, Senior: 2nd AA
2003 Canadian Championships, Senior: 5th AA
'01 Elite Canada

Breanne King, coached by Flaviu Toma, Nancy Beyer, and Celestina Popa at the Flicka Gymnastics Club in North Vancouver, has had a successful career as a novice and junior competitor. Having missed her first chance at the national championships in 1996 (she qualified for the British Columbia team but did not compete), she made up for lost time by winning the national novice title a year later at the national championships in Ottawa. Later that year, she began her junior career with a third place finish at Elite Canada in Montreal.

In 1998, King moved up to second all-around at the national championships in Hamilton, where she took first place on beam. This result earned her a spot on the Canadian team at the Junior Pan American Championships in Houston Texas, where King finished 20th in the all-around competition. In December of 1998, King took first place in the all-around, vault, beam, and floor in the junior division of the Elite Canada competition in Toronto. This led her to a successful 1999 season in which she took first place all-around at the Gymnix International, the Canada Games, and the Canadian championships! As the new Canadian junior champion, King was selected to compete at the prestigious Japan Junior International, where she made floor finals after finishing 16th in the all-around.

In December of 1999, King was selected to compete as a senior, even though she was not age eligible for the 2000 Olympics. She took advantage of this opportunity by winning the Elite Canada senior women's all-around competition. Since her Elite Canada win, King went on to compete for Canada at the Great Britain vs. France vs. Germany vs. Canada competition in April of 2000, where her team took third place. At the 2000 Canadian championships in Montreal, King took 13th place in the all-around.

'01 World Championship
Team Trials

King's best event is the balance beam, where she has shown a variety of skills throughout her career, including (though not necessarily always in the same routine): punch front mount; punch front on the beam; side somi; aerial walkover to wolf jump to back dive ¼ turn to handstand; Onodi connected to front aerial; ff-layout-layout; switch leap to tour jeté; and a double tuck dismount. On floor she has tumbled (though not necessarily in the same routine): a double pike; 2 ½ twists to piked front; front double twist to punch front; triple twist; and whip immediate double twist. On vault she has competed a Yurchenko full tucked and layout; a Hristakieva; and a Yurchenko tucked with 1 ½ twists. On bars she has competed a blind-Healy, Healy, Jaeger combination and a tucked full twisting double back off.

Her impressive resume made King a strong contender for the 2001 world championship team, but injury and growth affected her performances. After finishing 6th at the 2000 Elite Canada competition and 4th at the 2001 WOGA Classic, King finished a disappointing 11th at the Canadian championships after a disasterous balance beam routine. Still, King was selected to try out for the Canadian world championship team at a control test in Hamilton in August. King again struggled there and as a result was not chosen for the team. She was considered the team alternate, but did not get to travel with the team to Ghent.

King closed out the year 2001 with a 13th place all-around ranking at Elite Canada. She also qualified for event finals on the floor exercise. Despite her recent struggles, King, born May 31, 1985, continues to display many qualities that make her stand out as a gymnast. Her smooth flowing beam work and unique choice of skills (her new routine includes an aerial walkover to side somi combination) make her a joy to watch there, and she also shows top skills elsewhere (including a layout Yurchenko-full vault and a whip-triple twist opening pass on floor). King will have future chances to re-establish herself as one of Canada's top gymnasts. Look for her to come back stronger than ever in 2002 and beyond.

Written by: Christopher Scott
Updated 2002.01.01

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